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Why you shouldn’t avoid Ghee from your Diet

Today people are avoiding ghee some due to health issue and some due to fear of getting obese or capture by weight related issue. But should not say no completely to ghee.

It's really become a myth that you will put on weight if you add some ghee to your everyday diet. 

Actually Ghee has several health benefits. Here are some facts regarding the ghee which discourage this myth.

  1. Firstly, ghee helps in digestion. It secretes stomach acids that help in digestion.
  2. Ghee is abundant in vitamin A. So it is beneficial in case you have vitamin deficiency.
  3. Well this fact you don't know, ghee is the good cholesterol that acts like a healing agent for your body.
  4. Ghee is good for pregnant women. It is said to be good for the growing foetus.
  5. Ghee has several ayurvedic ingredients that can bring a glow to your face.
  6. Ghee is an antioxidant with anti-viral properties.
  7. According to ayurvedic physicians and researchers, ghee helps build your immune system.
  8. Another advantage of ghee is that it is easy to store and doesn't get spoiled easily.
  9. Ghee also help in healing a burning hand; just apply a little ghee on the spot to heel quickly.
  10. According to ayurveda, it gives energy to the brain and makes mind sharp.
So, please don't keep ghee away from your favourite dishes made at home. Take small amount ghee but don't avoid it completely.

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