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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Haroon Rehman

Why you shouldn’t avoid Ghee from your Diet

Today people are avoiding ghee some due to health issue and some due to fear of getting obese or capture by weight related issue. But should not say no completely to ghee.

It's really become a myth that you will put on weight if you add some ghee to your everyday diet. 

Actually Ghee has several health benefits. Here are some facts regarding the ghee which discourage this myth.

  1. Firstly, ghee helps in digestion. It secretes stomach acids that help in digestion.
  2. Ghee is abundant in vitamin A. So it is beneficial in case you have vitamin deficiency.
  3. Well this fact you don't know, ghee is the good cholesterol that acts like a healing agent for your body.
  4. Ghee is good for pregnant women. It is said to be good for the growing foetus.
  5. Ghee has several ayurvedic ingredients that can bring a glow to your face.
  6. Ghee is an antioxidant with anti-viral properties.
  7. According to ayurvedic physicians and researchers, ghee helps build your immune system.
  8. Another advantage of ghee is that it is easy to store and doesn't get spoiled easily.
  9. Ghee also help in healing a burning hand; just apply a little ghee on the spot to heel quickly.
  10. According to ayurveda, it gives energy to the brain and makes mind sharp.
So, please don't keep ghee away from your favourite dishes made at home. Take small amount ghee but don't avoid it completely.

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Haroon Rehman

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Check Duplicate Content

Top 10 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Check

Duplicate Content

Plagiarism is an act of stealing or copying one’s matter in the form of articles, essays, etc. and paste them into your own papers or websites without crediting the source.
Plagiarism is not limited to articles only but copying or showing copyright images,  music,videos, etc. is a part of plagiarism.

It becomes the major problem in the blogging world as well as in academics. It reduces the value of hard work of a writer and reduces the traffic of a website which is affected by plagiarism.

Most of the people who have blogs wants to earn money in the shortest possible way without making any effort. So they copy others content to get more traffic to their websites.
Those who copy one’s copyrighted material don’t know that Google is smarter than them; it can catch plagiarize material very easily. Google penalizes the website which contain plagiarized material or even the original material which is copied by other people from your blog. So beware of such acts.

Don’t worry! Every problem has a solution.To check this plagiarism problem, one can take help of online plagiarism checking websites. These websites are legit and spam free. You can trust on these websites blindly. These websites give accurate results. Services provided by some these websites are free and other charges some amount to take benefit from these websites.

So, before you write or publish content on the blog, please check the originality of your written material and also see who is stealing your work?

So following is the list of plagiarism checking websites:

9. DocCop

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Haroon Rehman

7 Best Websites to Add Social Share and Follow Widgets to Blogger

7 Best Websites to Add Social Share and Follow Widgets to Blogger









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Haroon Rehman

4 Awesome Websites to Directly Download Apk from Google Play Store on Computer/Phone

4 Awesome Websites to Directly Download Apk from Google Play Store on Computer/Phone

Google play store is the safest way to download android applications to your phones and tablets.Many a times you have observed that the Google Play runs very slow.Applications are taking a long time to download.Another way to install applications is to download .apk files directly to your phone without using play store.There are many websites which provide .apk file directly, but most of them are modified by 3rd party and are not safe.They may contain viruses.So in this guide I will tell you “How to directly Download .apk file from Google Play Store on Computer or phone”.

Suppose you want to download “Temple Run” game application.
  • Go to play store and search for apps you want to download.
  • Now copy the URL of that app from the address bar as shown below in highlighted.


  • Now follow the instructions given below.

The following are the 4 websites which directly download a .apk file from google play store on your computer or phone.

  • Paste the app URL in the box and click “Generate Download Link” as shown below


  • Now click on “download link” to download the .apk file as shown below


Similarly, you can also download .apk files from the sites given below.




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Haroon Rehman

6 Best Ways to Download Torrents Directly with IDM

6 Best Ways to Download Torrents Directly with IDM

Are you getting slow speed while downloading torrents using torrent clients like utorrent,bittorrent,etc?So in this post i will tell you how can you download torrent files directly with IDM or any download manager.There are many sites available on internet which download torrent files on their servers and permit you to download that file directly using download manager like IDM.The benefits of using IDM is that it accelerate downloads by up to 5 times.
Suppose that i want to download this torrent file which is seen below.Download the torrent file(which looks like “abcdef.torrent”).You can also copy the link address.I have given tutorial below how to get work done.

So these are the best websites to download your torrent files.

1.  (Recommended)
Step 1: First go to
Step 2: Now upload your torrent file and press GO!.
Step 3: After clicking on go button you will see following popup window.Choose from free or premium plan according to your need.
Step 4: Click on free button you will be redirected to following screen and click on zip file.
Step 5: Now here click on start download button and your download will start with full speed.

Step 1: You can sign up with any social network or create a new account.
Step 2: After signup you will see this screen.Click on files.

Step 3: Now in my files,click on new option.Add the torrent url or upload your torrent file and press add download.Wait till it fetch after completing fetching process start to download torrent with IDM.
Step 1: Sign Up for  After successful sign you will see this screen.
Step 2: Just click on upload torrent.A popup window will open.Browse your .torrent file and press GO.
Step 3: After that you will see next popup just click on download button to get your file downloaded.
Step 1: You can sign up through facebook social network or register with email.
Step 2: It can download the torrent directly to your google drive and dropbox.
Step 3: Now from dropbox or google drive you can download torrents with IDM.



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Haroon Rehman

How to download youtube videos on android phone or tablet?

How to download youtube videos on android phone or tablet

Method 1:(Recommended)

(Using Tubemate App)

Step1: Open tubemate app on your android phone or tablet.


Step 2: Click the search icon and search the video you want to download.

Step 3: Select the video you want to download.

Step 4: A Page will open with your video.Click the green download icon as shown at the top of app as shown in screenshot.

Step 5: Now a pop up window will open.Here you can select different video resolution.Select the one you want to download.After that click download icon and now your video starts downloading.

If you want to download audio only,select audio (mp3,m4a/aac) format and click download.

Note: More the resolution better will be the quality of the video.

Step 6: Now the Tubemate app will start downloading the video in your phone’s background . The current progress of the video being downloaded can be accessed by expanding your Android phone’s notifications .

Method 2:


Download YouTube videos with your mobile phone browser.

Step 1: Open any mobile browser.Search for the video on youtube you want to download.

Step 2: Tap the YouTube link; by default your mobile phone will prompt 2 options: Browser or YouTube. Choose “Browser” because we need to get the YouTube video link

Step 3: Now Copy the video url and it should appear like

Step 4: Go to a website

Step 5: Paste this YouTube url on the Search Box and hit Enter

Step6: Slide down and Tap “Download”.

Step 7: Select the format you want to download and download will start in your browser.

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Haroon Rehman

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger blog and Submit to Google Webmaster Tool?

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger blog and Submit to Google Webmaster Tool?

Step 1: Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools account
Step 2: Next click on the blog title for which you want to add sitemap.
Step 3: Click on Sitemaps button as shown below.Now press Add/Test sitemap button as shown below
Step 4: Once you click the button, a popup box will appear as shown in the screenshot below.
Step 5: Now add the following code in the text field.
Step 6: After entering the code,press submit sitemap and refresh the page.
It is noted that the above code for sitemap will work for 500 posts only. Suppose if you have more than 500 posts published in your blogger blog, then you have to add one more sitemap. The whole method will be same but at this time you have to add this code as shown below

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